Juan Moncayo
Juan Moncayo

A Place Among The Stars


Newton's third law

It's been a few days since I left the USA. I find myself in Europe at the moment, full of excitement, and energy (still a bit jetlagged) to pursue my career goals. With this in mind, I've decided to create this space as a more personal platform to share some of my work & adventures. 

As Cooper would say to Brand in Interstellar (Those who know me, can tell is one of my fav films.)  while detaching: "To move forward we have to leave something behind".


During my last 2 months in the mitten, I went on a short adventure to the North of the State and made it to the Mackinaw Bridge which separates the Upper and Lower Peninsula. I also was able to fly over the city of Ann Arbor with my two good friends Charles & Ben.

When saying goodbye becomes hard, you understand that places and people have made an impact in your heart. I believe this is what life is about.

These are a few shots of these adventures & people I'm very grateful to have met. 

(Kodak 400TMAX & KODAK PORTRA 400) 

Thank you for being here, reading, and welcome to A Place Among The Stars